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The Big Ash Tree that Was....at Hallowell Park!

by admin on Monday, November 13, 2017 10:00 AM


This week the majestic ash tree at Hallowell Park in Glenside PA came down, after many years of gracing the landscape and shading spectators.  Given the impact of Emerald Ash Borer, this beloved  tree presented a significant risk of falling limbs in the vicinity of a popular set of sports fields.  In significant decline and friable, it required the use of a crane and a team of 4 men the better part of a day to take it down limb by limb. Thanks to Promark Tree Service for removing this tree pro bono! We saved a cross section- approximately 4 feet in diameter- and placed it at Grove Park in Roslyn, PA, the home of the Abington STC.  Check it out, count the rings and study the patterns- thick rings for years with more rain, thinner for less rain- and irregularities of the rings, reaction wood, where the tree put on girth asymmetrically to neutralize stresses.
The Friends of Hallowell Park will follow with replanting large canopy trees at this park on Saturday, November 18, beginning at 9am.  Species will include American elm, white oak and sycamore.  Lend a hand- fun for all ages! For more information email abingtontrees@gmail.com
November 9, 2017 RWS         

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