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Villanova Hardscaping Job - Capped Blue Stone Steps

by adonkus on Monday, July 1, 2013 1:58 PM

The center point of this Villanova Pa landscaping project was the concrete steps.

concrete step construction

In this picture, our hard-working hardscaping crew is getting ready to cap the steps off with a flagstone product called PA Blue stone thermal tread. 

PA Blue Stone Thermal Tread

The thermal tread is produced by a process where the Pa Blue Stone or slate is wet with water, and while wet it gets hit with a torch. The instant heating of the water causes a dimpling affect on the slate that provides a bit of a rough surface which also gives a unique surface finish. More importantly, it also provides a safer traction surface under foot.

Pa Blue Stone Capped Steps

In addition to installing stone facing on the steps, and capping them with the Blue Flagstone, we finished off this hardscaping with some easily maintained landscaping which included a variety of sizes of plants which would accentuate the steps, and not hide them. We also added landscaping lights for both aesthetics and safety.

With the addition of these steps, the home owners dramatically increased the curb appeal of the home as well as the overall value of the property.

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