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Wynnewood PA Hardscaping Job

by adonkus on Tuesday, July 23, 2013 12:07 PM
This is another great job our hardscaping crew did in Wynnewood, Pa. 

The Problem:

 The customer had wooden steps at the entrance to their home that were rotting and failing.

The Hardscaping Solution:

The wooden steps were taken out and replaced with a custom mortared in place block step system. Then much like the Villanova Hardscaping Job,   we finished the treads & railing with PA blue stone thermal tread and the rest was over-layed with stucco to match stucco accents on elsewhere on the home. 

Wynnewood PA Flagstone Steps

Wooden Steps removed

Step 1: We first had to remove the wooden steps, then we dug out for the footer.

Filling in the cement block

Step 2:Put int he concrete block system

Ready for the Blue Stone Caps

Step 3: We filled in the blocks with concrete and got ready for the Pa Blue stone for the treads.

Step 4:  Putting on the PA Blue Stone Treads.

Step 5: Applying Stucco and freshened up the landscaping. 


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