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Exercise Care in Early Spring

by Stu Preston on Wednesday, March 18, 2015 12:55 AM

In the Rutgers Plant and Pest blog, Traffic Alert: Damage Threat is High we are told why why and how we need to transition to Spring in regards to walking or driving on our landscaping. winter turf damage

Even when the temperature rises one day and then plunges back down to freezing temperatures at night or the next day, the ground may thaw at the top, but the lower layers still remain frozen. The top layers become very mushy until the rest of the layers have thawed, and drained.

Until that time occurs, even light traffic can harm your turf. It is suggested that after the ground thaws, your turf should be lightly rolled to reduce the uneveness caused by frost heave.

lawn roller

If you do have winter damage to your turf or other landscaping and would like to have us see what we can do for you, please give usa call. 


(610) PRO-MARK
(610) 776-6275


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