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Stamped Concrete Patio in Langhorne

by adonkus on Monday, August 10, 2015 11:31 AM

Residential Hardscaping Project - Stamped Concrete Patio

Who’s Ready To Grill!!


Curt Z. from Langhorne loves to grill.  In fact, he recently invested in a high end grill that he couldn’t wait to try out.  Lots of recipes were floating around in his head just dying to get out and onto that new fancy grill of his.  The problem was that his old deck out back was rotted and was no longer a safe, nor a pleasant place, for him to cook or his family to enjoy a meal. So he called ProMark to see if we could replace that old wooden deck with either a paver patio or a stamped concrete patio.  We presented some design ideas to Curt that fit his needs.  He wanted a “nook” area where he could place his grill and build an outdoor kitchen around it.  He wanted a wide open space for a nice patio table.  And he also wanted to finally put in a walkway that would join his driveway to the closed-in porch on the back of his house.  We discussed both a paver patio design and a stamped concrete design.  Curt and his wife Joan decided to go with the stamped concrete.  Our crew went to work and got his new stamped patio and walkway installed without a hitch.  Curt is thrilled, and can’t wait to try out his new grill on his new patio.  The ProMark crew is hoping one day to try one of his burgers!  See the pictures below.

Stamped Concrete Patio Montgomery County PaStamped Concrete WalkwayStamped Concrete Patio NookStamped Concrete Patio

Curt, warm up the grill,  we are coming over!

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