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Doylestown Hardscaping - A New Paver Patio in Carriage Hill

by adonkus on Thursday, October 22, 2015 12:30 AM

A New Paver Patio in Doylestown

Carriage Hill at Overlook is a new development in Doylestown.  ProMark Landscaping has had the privilege of providing the landscape maintenance for the Bucks County development as it is being built. 

Recently, one of the new homeowners in the Doylestown development reached out to us and asked for a hardscaping proposal for a new paver patio.  The home owners were looking to increase their outdoor living space, as well as give their home a custom touch to set it apart from the other similar homes in the new Doylestown development. 

We met with the couple and planned out their new space.  They decided they wanted to get the most patio space for their dollar. So instead of installing a fire pit or sitting wall, we gave them a price for the biggest patio possible for their budget.

Doyelstown New Paver Patio

They ended up with a beautiful 450+ square foot patio with access from the driveway and their porch.  It is an inviting, large outdoor space, that will give them room to entertain friends, and have meals together as their family grows!  See the before and after pictures below.

Before the Doyelstown Patio Installation

Finished Paver Patio

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