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Cement Signage Makeover

by adonkus on Sunday, March 13, 2016 5:28 AM

Hardscaped Cement Signs in Worcester

Concrete Signage Base

Meadowood Senior Living community in Worcester, PA knew it was time to upgrade their free standing masonry signs found throughout the perimeter. After many years the sign were showing a lot of wear and tear and they needed to be replaced.

ProMark Landscaping presented a plan to build a series of masonry signs that would not only look great and compliment their current structures, but would also last for decades!

The design they settled on featured an internal structure of concrete block and cement plaster. Then we applied a very attractive veneer stone that gives it a classic stone look very familiar to Montgomery county homes and commercial properties. Placards are attached to the framed sign area to give the specific direction needed. These placards can be easily changed in the future if necessary.

The ProMark masonry crew has fully completed one of the signs, with six more to go. See the pictures of the internal block design and then the external finished product. We are confident that the administration and residents of Meadowood will be thrilled with the beauty and the longevity of their upgraded signs. For many years they will not only send residents and visitors in the right direction but will look good doing it!


Free Standing Concrete Signage for Meadowood

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Free Standing Concrete Signage for Meadowood
Free Standing Concrete Signage
Montgomery County Pa Concrete
Concrete Signage
Free Standing Concrete Signage
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