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Mulch – More Than Just Decoration!

by Stu Preston on Monday, April 18, 2016 8:42 AM

Mulch – More Than Just Decoration!
landscaping crew putting down mulch At ProMark Landscaping, our crews are in full mulching mode.  After a cold, icy winter the flower and plant beds on our properties can look pretty haggard and desolate.  There is nothing like a spring clean-up, new crisp edging, and a fresh layer of mulch to bring those beds back to life again.  Mulch not only neatly establishes the perimeter of a plant bed, but the black or brown mulch provides a rich, dark canvas on which to maximize the vibrancy of your brightly colored flowers or plants.

hardwood mulch 

However, did you know that mulch also provides some important environmental benefits beyond the decorative gains?  Mulch actually serves as a great controlling agent that will boost the health of your plant beds.  Here are four key controls that mulch provides:

  1. Weed Control.  Weeds need sunlight to thrive.  A 2-inch layer of mulch can be an effective barrier to block out the sunlight needed for weeds to germinate.  You may also want to apply a pre-emergent herbicide with your mulch to really knock out weeds.
  2. Erosion Control.  If you have plant beds located on sloped ground, you may be experiencing some soil wash out.  Mulch can often rectify that problem.  First, shredded hardwood mulch will trap and absorb a good portion of rainfall.  Second, with time, hardwood mulch will mat together and form a sturdy layer of ground cover that is not easily washed away.
  3. Moisture Control.  Mulch absorbs water into it wood chips that is slowly dispersed into the soil even as the weather gets more dry.  Plus, water also flows through mulch to the soil below, and then the mulch acts as a barrier to slow down the evaporation process, thus giving soil an extended period of moisture.
  4. Temperature Control.  Mulch is shade in the hot sun and a blanket in the cold!  Mulch prevents soil from getting over heated in the hot summer sun which can damage plant roots.  It also protects plant roots form freezing in a late spring or early fall frost

So remember, mulch not only looks great, it also keeps your plant beds stable and creates an environment where your flowers, plants, and shrubs can thrive!
See www.mulchandsoilcouncil.org  for more helpful information on mulch.


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