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Yardley Paver Pool Deck - Part 2

by adonkus on Monday, June 20, 2016 6:07 AM

The previous post about the Yardley Paver Pool Deck project included only before and demolition images of the old concrete pool deck. 

This post includes images of the actual process of putting in the Bucks County paver pool deck and paver patio around both the pool and jaccuzzi. 

Another blog post about the finished project will be forthcoming. 

Yardley PA Pool Hardscaping Photos

The Paver Deck Base

In the image below the 1" layer of sand was being screeded. Which means it was leveled before putting the pavers down. Below the sand is a layer of 6" to 8" of modified stone. That is on top of a geo textile fabric, which was put down after we excavated down 10" to 12" from the top of the old patio. Read this post about the Base layers and Installation of a Paver Patio for more info on our process.

Screeding the paver pool deck base sand

In the next image, the pavers are beginning to be put down near the spa.

Beginning to put down pavers on the pool deck

Cutting Pavers

Next, the pavers are almost done being put down around the jacuzzi, except for any pavers that need to be cut. To be more efficient, all the pavers that need to be cut, are put in at the same time.Pavers Being put down around the deck surrounding the Jacuzzi

Here our one of hardscapers is cutting the pavers that go around the pool skimmer access lid.Cutting Pavers around the Skimmer Access Lid

In this picture, you can see how the new paver deck is starting too look. Awesome, don't you think?The side of the swimming pool paver deck

Two Sides of the pool deck are done. Looking Good!One side of the Yardley pool deck to go!

Well, as you can see we are making splendid progress on the Yardley Pool Deck project. Currently, we had to put it on hold becuase the pool company that is doing the coping and interior of the pool, did some work, and said it needs to sit for about 2 weeks. We should be able to get back to it next week and finish up. So, look forward to another post about the Yardley Paver Pool Deck Project once it is finished.

Other Posts about the Yardley Pool Project

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