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Yardley Pool Hardscaping Job - Pool is Open!

by adonkus on Saturday, July 16, 2016 1:49 PM

The family in Yardley, that hiredd ProMark to help out with a major face lift for their in-ground pool in their backyard.  ProMark worked in unison with a Yardley pool company to bring the project to completion.  The pool company took care of everything in the pool, ProMark did everything around the outside of the pool. 

The home owners choose a textured paver with 3 sizes of stone installed in a random pattern. It creates a beautiful finished look. Take a look at the pictures of our work. See also the before and after comparison – there is quite a contrast!   We’ll the sun is up and it’s really hot – so everyone in the pool!!!


Before and After Pool Hardscaping Pictures


After Hardscaping PicturesYardley Pool Hardscaping - Pool is Open

Yardley Pool Hardscaping After

Before Hardscaping Pictures

Yardley Pa pool before HardscapingYardley Pool Begining to remove old Cement Deck

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