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ProMark Hardscape Projects - 2016: A Year in Review

by cmccloskey on Wednesday, December 28, 2016 11:34 AM

ProMark Hardscape Projects – 2016 in Review

Our hardscape installation division at ProMark is highly skilled and ready to tackle nearly any project. In 2016, our hardscape installations covered the full gamut of projects.  From a beautiful pool renovation, to a huge outdoor patio at a Bethlehem PA office complex, to the very practical projects like rebuilding a crumbling stairwell or retaining wall.  Check out the pictures of some of our various projects from 2016 and our bog posts. 

We look forward to another year of making living and working spaces more beautiful in 2017!  Give ProMark a call for your next hardscape property improvement!  Call us at #610-754-7400.

Yardley Pool Hardscaping project

Bethlehem PA Commercial Paver Patio

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paver pool patio Yardley PA
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Hardscaping related blog posts to include any posts about landscape masonry, pavers, decks or any non-living landscaping.