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Concrete Patio Preperation
The patio is ready for the concrete to be poured.
Stone Fireplace Hardscape
a stone fireplace Promark made in a Newtown Pa residence was an example of using stone for hardscaping.
Newtown Pa Pavillion Hardscaping
An example of a hardscaping project that utilized many different types of materials
Newtown Pa Paver Patio
A fabulous hardscaping job in Newtown Pa.
Hardscaped Walls
a Collegville Pa hardscaping job that involved making flower beds using a terrace with walls made out of concrete landscaping block.
Paver Sidewalk
Paver Sidewalk
Traditional Paver Sidewalk
Traditional Paver Sidewalk
Newtown Pa Paver Patio
The Newtown Pa project with the paver patio complete and now the pavilion gets added.


Landscape completed projects gallery 
paver patio and outdoor kitchen photo gallery 


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