ProMark’s Tree and Shrub Health Plan

Keeping your trees and shrubs healthy and beautiful!

Our tree/shrub health plan utilizes a treatment program called Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

What is IPM?
Integrated pest management seeks to solve pest and disease problems while minimizing risks to people and the environment.  An IPM program combines various types of techniques – chemical, mechanical, biological – as needed to control pests and disease specific to your property.  Targeted treatments are a more economic and environmentally sound approach to managing pests and disease in your trees and shrubs.


Five Applications to Sustained Tree and Shrub Health!

Type of Application Description of Application Timing of Application
#1 - Dormant Oil When applied to trees and shrubs, dormant oil will smother overwintering insects (such as aphids, scales, mites) and their eggs. Late Winter or Early Spring
#2 - Deep Root Fertilization Deep root fertilization is a process where a nutrient solution is injected into the root zone of trees.  The solution enriches the soil to promote sustained healthy growth in your trees. Early Spring or Late Fall
#3 - 5 - Insect and Disease Control Our insect and disease control program will control and restrain damaging, leaf-chewing insects such as Japanese beetles, bag-worms, mites, etc.  Before making any application, we will evaluate your home and determine what needs to be done and which pests to target. #1 - April - May
#2 - June - July
#3 - August - September


Special Appplications

  1. Spotted Langtern Fly - Licensed PA Vendor for Spotted Lantern Fly treatments and applications.
  2. Anti-Desiccant Spray - Winter treatment for evergreen trees


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