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Concrete Services

http://www.promarklandscaping.com/about/news/entryid/17/cement-walkway-care-rock-salt-damageProMark offers a wide variety of concrete services. We can provide your business or home with a standard cement walkway or patio, and we can add flair with a huge variety of colored pattern stamped walkway / paths, patio or outdoor living spaces. Our colored concrete is an integral color that is mixed in the concrete truck. We also use strands of fiberglass that are mixed into the concrete. This adds richness and durability to job for you.

  • Concrete removal
  • Standard concrete installation
  • Acid stain concrete
  • Water base stain concrete
  • Patterned stamping (slate pattern, brick pattern, natural stone pattern and many more!
  • Concrete sealing

Do you have other hardscaping needs? Please check out our hardscaping services page.

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