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Montgomery County, PA – also known as Montco if you live here – is located in Pennsylvania and has a population of nearly 800,000 people.  This makes it the third most populated county in the state, following Philadelphia County, which is the largest, and Allegheny County.

Montco is rich in history and natural beauty and features significant diversity, with people living everywhere from Upper Hanover’s open land and farms to the dense row house communities of Cheltenham.  In 2008, Forbes named it the 9th best place in the country for raising a family.

Montgomery County was first established on September 10, 1784 and was made from land that had previously been a part of Philadelphia County.  It is composed of 487 square miles in total, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  Of that total, 483 square miles is made of land, while the remaining 4.2 square miles are water.

Of course, it’s not the statistics that make Montgomery County, PA a great place to live and to visit.  It’s the many things to do and see. After all, the entire region is filled to the brim with historic sites, parks and trails.  The natural resources and historic past of the area is a part of the everyday enjoyment of this location as a place to live and recreate.  Whether you love antiquing, picnicking or hitting the trails on your bike, you’ll always have ample opportunity to enjoy doing the things you love the most.

At the moment, Montco either owns or manages over 6,000 acres of public green space, including five historic sites and nine parks as well as regional trails that extend for more than sixty miles.  There are more than 125 different playgrounds and non-historic structures as well as a working historic canal lock, a fish ladder and a wildlife center.  There is even a collection of more than 53,000 artifacts and archival pieces.

The gorgeous natural and historic public spaces and sites are enjoyed by a total of 1.5 million visitors on an annual basis.  Everyone including locals and people from across the country take the opportunity to hike, rent boats, relax in the pavilions, head out fishing and even take part in environmental education programs, among other activities.  

The trail system and connections throughout Montgomery County are among the best in the United States.  While people come from all around to use them, locals enjoy the opportunity to live within only a few miles of their favorite trail.

Among the historic sites include a spectrum of experiences, such as the colonial ironmaster’s home, a Pennsylvania German farmstead, as well as John James Audubon’s first American home, which has been deemed a National Landmark.  No matter where you happen to find yourself in the county, there is something unique to see.  Moreover, these sites are always offering evolving experiences that make them enjoyable to visit regardless of how many times you’ve already been.

ProMark is proud to call Montgomery County home, and we have been providing landscaping and hardscaping services to the communities of Montgomery County for over 30 years.

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