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In this department of the ProMark, we help our commercial customers deal with, dreaded “Old Man Winter”. The snow comes, but your facility cannot stop fucntioning ! ProMark Landscaping, Inc. is equipped to handle all of your winter needs and we are at the ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Different types of commercial facilities have different needs and we recognize that - we currently take care of a wide variety of commercial facilites that include, retail shopping centers, office parks, home owner association nieghborhoods, apartment communites, industrial business facilities, and medical facilities. Some of our customers will guide us as to what they would like us to do on a given snow event and then there are those customers that simply need us to keep their facility clear of snow around the clock so that their buiness can function with no interuptions. Featured services are:

  • Standard snow plow trucks with 8 ft “V” plows
  • Larger dump trucks with 10 ft. snow plows
  • Front end loaders with plow box attachements that go up to 14 ft. in width for clearing the big parking lots
  • All types of front end loaders – skid steer loaders, back hoe front end loaders, large capacity wheel loaders
  • 4 wheel drive ATV’s with snow plows to clear walkways quickly
  • Heavy duty 2 stage snow blowers for the deep stuff
  • Salting trucks that range in salt carrying capacity from 1 ton to 20 tons
  • Special ice melter for walkways that are more gentle on concrete

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send email requests to snow@promarktreeservice.com