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Turf Managment

Proactive care at every client’s site provides our customers with the best preventative care for their landscape.

New environmental challenges are posed almost everyday for this department. However, care taken towards our environment is a number one priority for this department as well as a company approach to how we supply our services. Integrated Pest Management and a proactive stance towards monitoring our customers’ landscape needs, provide positive results towards pest control and fertility programs. ProMark is a licensed application organization and our applicators attend many different ongoing education programs, seminars and work-shops so that we are up to date with the newest information and techniques available.

Some of the many services we provide:

  • Turf weed control and fertility programs
  • Soil testing
  • Organic biostimulant innoculant programs for plants and turf
  • Injection pest control programs
  • Ornamental plant pest control programs
  • Turf aeration
  • Turf renovation

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Geese Management

Flight Control was developed for turf management professionals that were seeking a way to help their customers deter geese from their golf courses, office complexes, ponds, athletic fields and parks.

Over populations of geese on a property can create costly repairs to turf and landscape. Flight Control is an effective and humane way to deal with problems that geese cause on your property. ProMark Landscaping is a certified applicator for this product. For more information on Flight Control Click below:

Flight Control - The Key to Geese Management