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Easy Care Landscape ideas

Spring is here and often people are looking to improve their landscaping at their homes or commercial properties, but they want things to be easier to care for or help improve the bottom line on their budget. Here are some ideas that might help.

  • Choose drought tolerant plants that require less watering / irrigation. Ornamental grasses area always a great choice

  • Mulching the landscape beds not only improve aesthetics, but it helps to keep weeds in check

  • Hardscaping - replace traditional landscape areas with decorative stone gardens and pathways. Rainfall is able to get through to soils and reduces runoff.

  • Installation of an irrigation system saves the dragging of hoses around and since it is a timed system that usually can sense rainfall it saves on water consumption

  • Outdoor living spaces create functional areas in the landscape that require little care. Patios, pergolas decks and fire pits are great additions to the landscape that will last for years and years.

  • Perennials are a great way to add easy reoccurring seasonal color to the landscape. Typically, after the perennials area established, they get cut down in the fall and back they come the next season. After a couple of seasons, many perennials can be divided and planted on other areas, saving you the cost of buying more plants

These are just a few ideas...need more help, call the Pros at ProMark 610.754.7400


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