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Exactly why do we celebrate Arbor Day?

Arbor day started as a result of a tree lover named Julius Sterling Morton. The first Arbor day was celebrated in April of 1872 in Nebraska City, Nebraska. Julius Sterling Morton was a Nebraska newspaper editor and politician who served President Grover Cleveland as secretary of agriculture. He also had a great passion for trees. Morton would do all he could to spread the word about the benefits of planting trees and new crops with speeches and the use of his news paper. On that first official arbor day it was estimated that close to million trees were planted. By 1885 Arbor Day became an official holiday for the state of Nebraska and in about 20 years nearly every state followed. Soon schools began the tradition of celebrating arbor day and dedicated trees that they planted to special individuals. Arbor day is now celebrated on the last Friday of April each year.

Trees support our health and the health of our planet! They clean our air and water. They provide shade, which cools our more densely populated cities. Trees have been proven to calm us and reduce our stress levels - everybody needs that! Trees also support wildlife and pretty much our entire ecosystem. One oak trees attracts thousands of pollinators and good insects! Trees provide birds and aquatic animals with habitats. Also, they provide us with medicines, materials for building, and agriculture. Lastly, trees are a cost-effective way to pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere for planet earth. Stop wasting your weekend....go buy a tree, plant it and make everyone happy.


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