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Longwood Gardens-Landscaping in a huge way!

Longwood Gardens, just outside of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania was and is the vision of Pierre S. du Pont. Even as a young boy, he was influenced by the area’s natural beauty and by the du Pont family’s love of gardening. However, Pierre himself could have foreseen that he would someday become one of this country's most influential gardeners. If you have the opportunity to spend a day at Longwood, you will get to witness some of the most beautiful plants from around the world in a landscape that is nothing short of inspiring. As if that is not enough, then there are the spectacular structures on the property - greenhouses, conservatory, the main du Pont home, fountains, chime tower and more. This weekend the tulip gardens are in full bloom and it is a colorful site to see. If you ever need ideas for unique plant material and landscape ideas, this is the place to go.


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