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What height should I mow my grass?

For some, the weekly chore of mowing the grass can be a time consuming task for the weekend warrior. There are a few things you should know that can help to make your lawn look better after you put in all of that effort.

  • make sure the blades on you mower are sharp or you can tear the blades of grass and it give a white tipped appearance to you lawn.

  • its ok to leave clippings on you lawn - but not too much! There are lots of benefits...clippings put nutrients back in to soil & turf.

  • As far a height to mow your lawn, we recommend 3.5 inches in the mid-Atlantic region for what is know as cool season turf grasses. This height will help to minimize scalping, keeps clippings under control and maintains a nice green color for your lawn.

So, check the oil, gas up your mower, put on sun screen and grab your favorite beer helmet and make that yard look the best in you neighborhood!


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